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Kodi is probably the most popular streaming application nowadays. It combines several media playback functions into a single program. Thus, in addition to local files, it supports playing online contents. One of its most valuable features is that it lets you watch and record live TV shows directly from such well-known sites as MediaPortal, Tvheadend and NextPVR. Likewise, it is ideal for listening to streaming music from any of the multiple online stations supported. Unlike other similar tools, Kodi does not have an associated media storage service, it only serves as a means to access third-party contents.

The application has a nice minimalistic interface. Besides, there are various aspects you can customize, mainly by changing skins. Not only is it customizable in terms of appearance as this program’s features can also be expanded by installing add-ons. Unfortunately, some of the add-ons may cause the program to crash.

Accessing contents is quite easy since there are different paths that organize them in such categories as music, video, and pictures. Then, if you browse through any of these categories, you find lots of freely accessible content. Likewise, you can create libraries to organize local files. Its downside is that it usually takes some time to customize the application and set it up for its use.

All in all, no wonder Kodi has become so popular. It has most of the things you need for a pleasant media playback experience. Luckily, this product is open source and is constantly being upgraded with the support of its development community.

Pedro Castro
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  • Nice interface
  • Highly customizable
  • Support of multiple media sites


  • Crashed when some of the add-ons were installed
  • Takes some times to set up for first use
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